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Bike Rodeo Prepares Children for Safe Biking


A Bike Rodeo will be held for kids of all ages on Tuesday, March 24th from 5:30 – 7 p.m. in the Redwood Area Community Center civic arena. This free event includes bike and helmet safety information, bike tune-ups, and obstacle courses. A food stand will also be available at the event. All children must […]

Ready for the Unexpected, Dr. Kristin Bergstrom

Kristin Bergstrom MD

When Kristin Bergstrom, M.D., and the emergency team are on the floor in Redwood Area Hospital’s Emergency Department, you know you are in good hands. “In a small community emergency room, we see everything that large urban hospital emergency rooms see – from everyday injuries to unexplained illnesses to severe trauma – just less frequently […]

Time Saves Brain When Treating Stroke

Patient Stroke

Time Saves Brain when Treating Stroke “On March 24, a little after 8 a.m., you sprang into action and I am back after only four days at St. Joseph’s. I have no noticeable effects from a stroke and I owed that to you and the North Memorial team. Thank you and please continue your dedicated […]

Immediate Action Can Save Your Life

Following dinner, your spouse begins complaining of indigestion. As the evening progresses, so does your husband’s pain. He insists it’s just bad heartburn. You insist he see a doctor immediately. You call 911. For most people, the decision to seek emergency medical attention is a tough one. It’s easier to deny the symptoms. And while […]