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Don’t Wait Until the End. Start the Conversation Early

Kristen Anderson RN Hospice

If celebrating life, creating memories and enjoying the company of family and friends sounds somewhat contradictory to what you imagine for hospice patients, it’s really not. This is the basis for hospice care and what inspires Redwood Area Hospital physicians, volunteers and nurses like Kristen Anderson, RN, CHPN, hospice care coordinator. “There’s a misconception that […]

Bridging the Gap Between Crisis and Home

Sue Nelson RN Home Care

Recovering after hospitalization and/or surgery can be a challenging transition for patients and their families. Injuries, chronic illness and aging can also make it difficult to live at home safely. “Arriving home with new treatments, such as an I.V., new medications, therapy services, as well as physical and mental limitations, can make home feel not […]

Learn More about Senior Linkage Line®

senior linkage line

As we age, it can be challenging to find the right services and resources available for our changing needs, whether it we need a telephone for hearing impairment or a person to help with household maintenance. More help is available than you may realize and Senior Linkage Line can help you find the best services […]