Estebo generosity benefits hospital patients and community

Redwood Area Hospital will be installing a patient lift system in a patient room thanks to the generosity of local philanthropist and community leader, Orrin Estebo. In recent years, Estebo has donated more than $30,000 to the Redwood Area Hospital Foundation to be used to provide high quality patient care and experiences for our community.

The remote-controlled lift system runs on rails attached to the ceiling of the room, allowing a patient to be lifted out of bed and moved throughout their room with minimal risk of injury to the patient or nursing staff. The hospital began installing lift systems in patient rooms in 2005, and will now have four inpatient rooms and one emergency room equipped with ceiling lifts.

“Having lift systems in our hospital has improved patient care tremendously,” says Jenny Scoates, Redwood Area Hospital registered nurse and staff development coordinator. “Patients and nursing staff are safer and more effective when moving a patient, whether it be helping the patient move from bed to chair or moving a patient for care measures. Most importantly, patients have less pain and feel less anxious about moving from their bed with the lift system.”

Estebo credits Jim Schulte, Redwood Area Hospital chief executive officer and the nursing staff at the hospital for providing high quality care for the community. “When patients come to the hospital it is not just a chair or a lift system that helps them recover, but their overall experience at the facility,” says Estebo. “What the hospital does for our community is huge and that’s to the credit of Jim, the nursing staff and all the staff that put our community’s health first.”

Estebo’s first donation, in 2010, was used to provide sleeper chairs in patient rooms so that a guest can sleep more comfortably in their family or loved-one’s room.

The second donation, in 2011, was used to update AV equipment in the hospital’s education room so that hospital employees can receive in-house education that help them to best serve patients and the community.

“Having this new equipment allows the hospital to be a host-site for educational sessions that are also shared through video with other rural hospitals,” says Wendy Dahl, Redwood Area Hospital education manager. “This gives our employees the benefit of direct contact with the instructor without having to leave the facility.”

Redwood Area Hospital Foundation will be recognizing Estebo’s gifts by placing a stone plaque beneath the Foundation Giving Tree in the hospital’s main lobby. For more information about the foundation, click here or contact Karen Melges at 507-637-4668.

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