Completing more than 200 tests per day, Redwood Area Hospital’s laboratory uses the latest technologies to provide high quality lab results that quickly provide our physicians insight into their patient’s conditions. In some cases 70 percent of a doctor’s diagnosis can be based on results of laboratory tests on a variety of bodily fluids including blood, urine and saliva.

Often, tests are needed for emergency situations or urgent inpatient care needs. The rapid turn-around of test results is made easier with an investment in state-of-the-art technology. Redwood Area Hospital recently invested nearly $60,000 for a new hematology analyzer, providing a variety of test results from one blood sample in a matter of minutes.

For those tests that happen infrequently and don’t warrant an investment in the necessary equipment, the hospital partners with Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar to obtain results.

Redwood Area Hospital’s lab also has a blood bank, storing ten units of fresh blood for patients in need of a blood transfusion. For more information about donating blood or hosting a blood drive, visit