Birthing Center

Jamie Hagert OB Coordinator

At Redwood Area Hospital, our focus is to deliver healthy babies in a safe and comfortable environment for mom.  Mothers can experience delivery comfort in our birthing suites, from a soak in a whirlpool tub to a variety of pain management options, including epidural, to ease labor and delivery.  Our local, family physicians can work with you to plan the birthing experience you want, and be there with additional medical support for the safety of you and your baby.

After baby arrives, he or she can stay with mom in their suite for the remainder of the stay. Each suite has a sleeping space for dad (or birth partner), family friendly visiting space and wireless internet access in room so you can share baby’s first photos from your phone or laptop.

When mom and dad need a little quiet time, our caring staff is ready for baby in the nursery.  Before the new family leaves the hospital, mom and dad can also enjoy a relaxing dinner for two to celebrate this exciting time.

Our focus is to deliver healthy babies in a safe and comfortable environment for mom.

Call Redwood Area Hospital Birthing Center, at 507-637-4500, to schedule a tour and learn more.

Prenatal Care

Family physicians provide prenatal care at Affiliated Community Medical Center – Redwood Falls and deliver babies in our Birthing Center. Call the clinic at 507-637-2985 during your first trimester to begin your prenatal care.

Attend Childbirth Class

We strongly encourage that you attend a childbirth class during your second trimester. During the one-hour course, you will meet with Birthing Center staff for a personalized discussion that can include labor and delivery routines, newborn and post-partum care, and breastfeeding.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Work with your physician to schedule a pregnancy ultrasound around 20 weeks gestation.

Install Your Car Seat

You must have a proper child safety seat installed in your car when you leave the hospital. We encourage you to schedule a time with Redwood County Public Health to check your car seat installation before you prepare to bring your new baby home.

During Your Labor and Delivery

When your Labor BeginsDr. Danielson

Follow your physician’s instructions when your labor begins. When you arrive at the Birthing Center, a member of our experienced staff will welcome you. A courtesy call telling us that you are on your way is appreciated.

Your Arrival at the Hospital

You will need to register at the main desk. ACMC will be sending over your basic information to speed up the registration time. If you arrive at the hospital between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., you can go to the main east entrance or emergency entrance. There are telephones and call buttons located in these areas to contact a nurse who will assist you.

The Father or Labor Coach

Only prepared coaches are allowed in the labor and delivery room, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon with your physician and hospital staff. The father or other indicated labor coach may stay with you any time during your hospital stay.

Pain Management

Some women need little or no pain relief while others find pain relief gives them better control over labor and delivery. At any time during your labor, you can discuss the benefits and possible side effects of all pain relief options with your physician.  Epidural pain management is available and can remove some or all pain in your abdomen, yet you remain awake and alert during delivery.

C-section Deliveries

Whether your C-section is planned or a surprise, understanding more about the procedure can help you prepare for whatever birth experience awaits you. Click here to learn more.

During Your Maternity Stay

Welcoming Baby

Brothers, sisters and grandparents may visit the new baby in the mother’s room. As a protection for the baby, family members will be asked to wash their hands.  Children or others with colds, fevers, flu, etc. should not visit.  Visitors may be restricted further due to maternal health or public health recommendations.

Baby Portraits

Following the birth of your baby, a photo can be taken to capture the important memories of your baby’s first moments. Parents may purchase these photos if they wish. You will receive more information about these photos during your hospital stay.

To view your baby’s first photos, visit Our365 WebNursery.

Dinner for Two

Celebrate your new arrival with a relaxing dinner for two. The nurse will assist you in making arrangements for this “date” and special time together. Of course, if the father cannot attend, you may enjoy this special meal with a family member.

Room Amenities

Wireless internet access is available in your room if you choose to bring a laptop or a smart-phone. Ask the nurse on duty for the access code. Public computers are available for use on the second floor across from the elevators.  Each suite includes a whirlpool tub for relaxing after the birth of your baby.

Dad or labor coach can sleep in your suite with you throughout your stay on a fold-out sleeper chair.  A comfort kit will be provided including toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, Kleenex and soap. We encourage you to bring other items for your stay to make yourself at home, such as:

For yourself:
Breastfeeding Bra
Reading Material
For baby:
An outfit to wear home
A few flannel receiving blankets
Car Seat

Each new baby is dressed in a Halo® SleepSack® during their stay.  You will also receive a new sleep sack for use at home courtesy of the Dominick Bruns Memorial Fund. For more information and to
order additional SleepSacks visit

During Your PostPartum Care


Typically you will be discharged on the second day after birth for a vaginal delivery and on the third day after birth for a c-section. You may choose to leave earlier if you feel ready.

Free Home Visit

After you go home from the hospital, a registered nurse is available  to come to your home for a free check-up. We will call you after you are settled at home to see if you would like a visit.

This includes:

  • Physical assessment of baby including weight, heartbeat and feeding amounts
  • Post-partum medical evaluation for mom
  • Questions you may have about your recovery and caring for your new baby

Redwood Area Hospital has offered a home care visit to every mom and baby since 1989. This service is of no cost to you. The Home Care department submits a claim to your insurance company for you and accepts their payment as payment in full.  Many insurance plans include a home care visit following hospitalization for the birth of a baby.