Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy uses everyday tasks and activities (occupations) to provide care in a way that is meaningful for each unique individual  from birth  to the elderly. Occupational therapy is designed to help people struggling with everyday tasks, morning and evening routines, and rehabilitative strengthening and range of motion of the upper extremities.

Though some may require occupational therapy due to an injury, stroke, surgery or debilitating disease, an occupational therapy program can often identify and work with early intervention to correct and prevent everyday challenges. Therapy can help relieve and prevent common repetitive motion concerns, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and “tennis elbow,” that causes you an inability to work well and enjoy your day.

Children may need therapy for developmental challenges and delay, or concerns present from birth. Having the ability to engage in learning, promote experiencing the senses, and make meaningful use of play helps our therapists to build unique programs that guide your child’s growth and development.

The overall goal for occupational therapy is to enhance quality of life through rebuilding or adapting a person’s abilities. Our team provides training for clients and caregivers alike, helping to assist their loved ones at home, and to provide education for adaptation needs.

The rehabilitation department facilities includes an occupational therapy suite with a typical kitchen set up for real-life therapy strategies, private treatment rooms, specialized equipment, and a pediatric specialty therapy room for providing the optimum setting for your care.

Initiating Occupational Therapy
From start to finish, you receive care in a setting that works best for you, from bedside care in the hospital to in-home care and outpatient care. The occupational therapy team provides flexible hours so you can begin your road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Our occupational therapy providers consult and practice with other health professionals to help improve your mobility and well-being. We often initiate our services through a physician’s referral, and we will work with you to set up your initial evaluation.

During your initial evaluation the occupational therapist will work with you to discuss your goals and needs, evaluate your health and well-being and create a customized care plan. The length of your treatment and follow-up visits will be dependent on your needs, the therapist’s recommended treatment plan, and/or your physician or surgeon’s recommended course of care. We also work with you and your insurance provider to ensure your optimum level of care individually selected for your unique situation.

Your occupational therapist will evaluate you by asking many detailed questions while seeking to learn about aspects of your daily life. A physical examination and discussion of your current health and condition will help formulate your individualized care plan.

Your Care Plan
An occupational therapy care plan balances your goals, expectations and needs within a responsible plan that is sensitive to your unique concerns. During your care, you will learn to understand how your body works during everyday tasks and how to achieve long-term health benefits.

Our care is driven by your goals, your expectations, and your needs. Because a typical appointment may be 30 to 60 minutes, we can devote our time to discuss your care and progress and work with you to provide personalized care throughout your journey.

Your occupational therapist will team with a certified occupational therapist assistant (COTA) to provide your care. Together, you and your care team will work as partners in restoring, maintaining, and managing function at your personal best.

Our occupational therapy team employs a variety of treatment strategies that help you move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. Your occupational therapy care plan may involve movement and therapeutic exercise, skilled hands-on therapies, use of specialized equipment, custom splinting and bracing, and education for self-help, adaptation and ongoing independent care.

Pediatric Services
Our goal is the help your child achieve developmental milestones through targeted therapies. The occupational therapy team will work with you and your child to address developmental delays, injuries, sensory concerns and motor skills.

Early intervention is important for your child and your family to reach the best outcomes for their situation.

The rehabilitation department’s pediatric room allows therapists to appropriately engage children with activities that are designed to increase focus and attention, movement and strength while successfully working towards developmental stages.

Our occupational therapy team consists of talented clinicians and supporting staff who strive to provide a positive care experience.

Magan Simon, MA, OTR, L
Sheila Rubendall, COTA

Supporting Staff:

Mary Johnson, Receptionist
Lori Serbus, Secretary