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The Redwood Area Hospital Foundation provides philanthropic support to help the hospital achieve its mission of providing exceptional healthcare for our area-wide community.

The Foundation provides opportunity for charitable giving that will be used to enhance patient care through expanded services, upgraded equipment, professional health care education, and community health.

The foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation and a part of the Redwood Area Communities Foundation.

Foundation Giving Tree

The Redwood Area Hospital Foundation Tree is located in the hospital’s main lobby. The trees many gold colored “leaves” can be purchased through an accumulated donation of $5,000 or more. “Stones” are placed under the tree for accumulated donations of $10,000 or more.

Gifts of all sizes and types are important to help the Foundation achieve our goals. Whether you are a happy patient or making financial plans for your future, we thank you for remembering Redwood Area Hospital Foundation.

Gifts may be given to the Foundation in memory of, or to honor a family member or friend. Grateful patients may also choose to give a gift honoring the healthcare team that cared for them during their stay.

Gifts of Cash
An easy way to make a gift is through cash, check or credit card. Your gift may be “undesignated” or “designated for a specific department or project,” and is tax deductible.

Donations can be made by credit card through Click HERE to be redirected to the foundation’s GiveMN page.

Matching Gifts
Check with your employer to see if they offer a matching gift when you make a charitable donation. You may be able to double your gift to the Foundation.

Long Term Securities
While cash is the most popular form of charitable gift, gifts of stocks or bonds can be attractive because of the tax benefits they may bring.

If you own securities that have appreciated in value over time, you may owe a substantial capital gains tax if you sell them. But, if you use such assets to fund a charitable gift, you may completely avoid the capital gains tax while enjoying a federal income tax deduction for the full value of the securities. You also may be able to make larger gifts than you thought possible.

Planned Giving
A charitable planned gift is an easy way to leave a legacy of caring for generations to come. It allows you to reduce or eliminate gift, estate, capital gains and income taxes on the funds you give for the charitable purposes. You may give a gift through your will, life income plans, beneficiary designation, insurance, property and/or trusts.

Endowment Giving
Through the gift of an endowment, you may make a gift and restrict the use to earnings of the initial principal, allowing your gift to continue to grow and give into the future.

Gifts of every size are very important to us and much appreciated. Please contact Karen Melges, foundation director, for more information at 507-637-4668 or

Redwood Area HospitalBoard of Directors (all volunteers)

  • President: Blair Anderson
  • Vice President: Robert “Bob” Plaetz
  • Treasurer: Bryan Lydick
  • Secretary: Deb Schramm


  • Karen Fox
  • Pat Hansen
  • Carol Jacoby
  • Chico Jensen
  • Maydra Maas
  • Leon Plaetz
  • Marilyn Scott
  • Ted Suss
  • Sue Tauer
  • Wayne Weber


The Foundation board values the education of our young people and the impact it can have on our community. The board wants to ensure that graduates are given financial support to pursue their dreams and goals of working in a healthcare career.

Each year, one graduating senior from Redwood Valley High School,  and one graduating senior from Wabasso, Cedar Mountain or Red Rock Central High Schools  is awarded a $500 scholarship by the Redwood Area Hospital Foundation.

To be considered for the scholarship the applicant must be a graduating high school senior pursuing a health care career; have a GPA of 3.0 or better; display leadership in the school and community; and include an essay explaining why they are pursuing a health care career. Applications are available at the participating high school offices.

2013 – 2014 scholarship winners will be announced soon.

January Foundation Donation Recognition

In honor or memory of:
Fern DunnChico & Sandy Jensen
Jeanne GoblirschHelen Van Slooten
Merron GullicksonBruce & Maydra Maas
Merron GullicksonArthur & Alice Maas
Randy HansonBruce & Maydra Maas
Mary Lou HildebrandtDave & Karen Messer
Mary Lou HildebrandtWayne & Ramona Schiller
Mary Lou HildebrandtDonald & Donna Mielke
Mary Lou HildebrandtBernard & LaVonne Hagert
Tom HoffmanTom & JoAnn Green
Donald HuntBruce & Maydra Maas
Donald HuntMarian Heiling
Joleen JensenMary Ann Gray
Joleen JensenDavid & Marlene Kosel
Joleen JensenJoyce McKay
Joleen JensenDelores Bunting
Joleen JensenMaynard & Joyce Nolting
Francis KasselArthur & Alice Maas
Francis KasselBruce & Maydra Maas
Ray KerkhoffTom & JoAnn Green
Jack KissnerArden & Pernell Busack
Jack KissnerDennis & Barbara Cole
Rose KohoutShirley Kohout
Melvin KretschMary Ann Gray
Melvin KretschDonald & Donna Mielke
Adella KvendruBruce & Maydra Maas
Mike MaraJoyce McKay
Bernard MenkJerry & Janet Gilland
Raymond MielkeRay Family Mielke
George MillerRamona Potter
Tom OchsSharen Monahan
Albert PolzinDavid & Marlene Kosel
Pat PowellDave & Karen Messer
Pat PowellMarvin & Judy Penske
Marilyn PrinsMarvin & Mary Lou Prins
Marvin PrinsBruce & Maydra Maas
Marvin PrinsCarol Dolezal
Gary RevierAnn Goche
Gary RevierBruce & Maydra Maas
Gloria SlettenBernard & LaVonne Hagert
Betty StudemanEsther Garnhardt
Marvin WillhiteBruce & Maydra Maas
Donald ZimmermannBruce & Maydra Maas
Recent donations made in honor or memory of a loved are recognized here.

Foundation Staff

Karen Melges, Foundation Director

Jodi Bunting, Administrative Assistant